An Evening with Trisha

Includes 3 course Buffet

A wonderful evening of mediumship and clairvoyance

Trisha is recognised as one of the most fluent mediums in the U.K. and abroad, having featured in the local and national press and appeared on T.V

Her outstanding accuracy & proof of survival of the human spirit will astound you - not to be missed.


January 15th - The Peacock - canceled
January 24th - The Dog and Duck
February 11th - The Hurt Arms
February 25th - The Peacock
March 14th - The Dog and Duck
May 16th - The Dog and Duck
May 20th - The Peacock
June 17th - The Hurt Arms
July 18th - The Dog and Duck
September 10th - The Peacock
September 24th - The Dog and Duck
October 14th - The Hurt Arms
November 12th - The Dog and Duck


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