The Hurt Arms- Ambergate - Derbyshire

By Lee Roberts

We all love the old ghost hunting classics, Morcambe Winter Gardens, Edinburgh Dungeons, The Tower of London and more, but no and again you find a diamond in the rough, a location you never even knew was there let alone has so much potential as a haunted location.

Whilst looking for new locations for Haunted Events UK I stopped at a little public house on a country road call The Hurt Arms. The land lady who served me asked if I was new to the area and I explained what I did and that I had stopped for a spot of lunch, it was then I started to hear all the ghost stories about the pub. The experiences and the stories of the landlord that had hung himself, I wasn’t surprised as I get that in every public house I go in, It was only when she took me on a tour of the place I realised not only was it a tardiest inside with the huge space but the energy there was amazing.

I quickly booked an evening with her and began advertising, fully expecting there to be a few tickets sold I explained to the staff that it was worth a visit even if the sales were poor. To my amazement it was a sell out within 48 hours. I had uncovered a location that had been sitting waiting to be investigated.

I knew very little about the location and almost went in blind as far as past experiences or history the place had other than what the land lady had told me. I don’t mind doing that from time to time as it makes the event more exciting for me too as I have no idea what to expect.

As we arrived to set up the location was buzzing with locals and all wanted to ask question and find out what we was doing. I didn’t have to wait long to have my question of will we get any activity answered. I asked if I could go and inspect the living quarters on the upper floors to make sure there were no wires or health and safety issues, and if anyone was up there. They told me there was no one up stairs and the only people allowed in that area were behind the bar. “Ok” I thought, “let’s go and play” I opened the door to go up a few steps to turn right onto the main staircase, on doing so I was hit by what I can only describe as a basket of artificial flowers! I had no idea where they had been thrown from or indeed who had thrown them. I quickly ran upstairs and searched the rooms only to find them empty.

I returned to tell the team and also an excited bunch of guests who couldn’t wait to get up there. I split the teams into three and we began our investigation. Medium Tracy Bradley was with me and straight away she sensed we were not alone. She said we were being followed by a male figure that was not happy we were in his pub.  We started in the cellar and worked our way up, on each level we were hearing footsteps and shuffling noises as if someone was either just ahead of us or just behind, but when we looked into the is there was no one there.
It was when we reached the 1st floor of the living quarters the atmosphere changed; the group went from excitable and loud to scared and emotional. Two of the guests burst into tears and had to be taken out of the area, this is something that wasn’t uncommon and sometimes spirit gives that effect to people. Other times I have guests in fits of laughter for no reason at all and sometimes anger.

I was keen to find out what was making them emotional and asked Tracy to look what was around and causing those emotions. She said it was again this male figure that was around us, he knew we were there and was not happy at all, he was sad in life and that emotion was coming through via the guests.

I decided to run a glass moving exercise to see if we could gain contact with this male spirit or indeed any other spirit that was present. It didn’t take long and within
minutes the glass was moving, at first very random and unsure of the answers being given but as we carried on the energy grew and the glass became faster and stronger. It eventually began answering our questions quite clearly. He was a male that lived there years ago and the pub was a thriving busy pub, he was unhappy that it was not like that now and was not happy that we were there as he said we were disrespectful.

As a paranormal investigator it is hard to know how far to push it, We want to go as far as we can to prove there is life after death but on that note we don’t to offend anyone if there are spirits there and they are telling us to leave. The paranormal investigator in me was telling me to push it and see if we get a reaction, the rest of me was saying no leave it in peace and move away. On this occasion I decided to move away. I am not a sensitive or a medium but I did for some reason felt energy, something that was telling me “this is for real” I truly felt he wanted us to leave and we were invading his space.

We did move away and the energy was never the same throughout the night, other groups went up there after and again no results. I feel that there is so much there for a paranormal team to go and uncover and find out the truth behind the lonely landlord.

We left that night having had a great night and the guests had had an experience but I can’t help but feel we missed an opportunity there.

© Lee Roberts